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Try our Espresso Bar blend!

A smooth and mellow medium roast coffee with rich complex aromas.

Espresso Bar
An exclusive blend of the world's finest Arabica and Robusta beans.
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Medium Roast
Dhs. 75.00
Our signature blend of the world’s finest Grand Cru Arabica beans.
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Medium Roast
Dhs. 42.00

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From our customers


Amazing coffee quality and great price. I love my coffee machine grinds coffee beans for each cup and I have at least two cappuccino everyday, my favorite. I also make espresso martini. Cleans itself after each cup, perfect for house use. Highly recommended!

Evren Kozcu

The machine and the coffee beans from Cafesti are just a perfect combination! You can have a latte, cappuccino, espresso or regular coffee. All of them are just so good that sometimes it its hard to choose just one.

Lucille Fanini

I have tried many other machines, and I have found that CAFESTI gives the creamiest coffee….also the coffee is really well balanced. I’m loving my coffee again.

Rodolfo Diaz

What an experience! From the design of the machine, to the quality of the beans to the taste of the coffee! Cafesti is to be recommended 🙌

Sayde Jabra

Cafesti coffee and the coffee machine are qone of the best coffee quality we’ve ever tried, it’s a good value for money deal.Highly recommend for all coffee lovers.

Mariane Abi Daoud

I look forward to my Cafesti cup every morning (and afternoon!). Best coffee!!

Nora Makansi

amazing coffee experience , love the coffee texture and feel like I am a barista using the coffee machine that they supply 😃

Hussein Hachem

La meilleur solution pour notre milieu de travail. On voulait charger notre vieille machine automatique, mais les modèles plus récents sont très cher pour avoir un minimum de qualité. On a trouvé que la machine Cafesti a le meilleur rapport qualité-prix. Avec le système louer pour acheter, on a l'esprit tranquille pour le service après vente. Le café est excellent, la machine est simple et facile d'entretient. Tout le monde l'adore ici. Un 5/5!

Rémi Bergeron

On a pris l'abonnement Cafesti Aficionado pour le bureau. Deux jours plus tard, on a reçu la machine neuve avec un sac de café. La machine est super simple à utiliser, le café est excellent... je recommande fortement!

François Dionne