All-in-one subscription to own automatic (bean-to-cup) coffee machines for homes and offices with monthly delivery of premium coffee beans and an on-demand concierge service

Subscription Faqs

Navigate to our subscriptions page, choose your preferred plan, register your personal details. Once 1st installment payment and last month installment payment are processed, your package will be on it's way.

Your Cafesti subscription will be billed monthly for a period of 11 months.

Your first payment will include charges for the first month & last month.

While you are able to pause or defer your coffee deliveries, the monthly payments cannot be paused or deferred. Please send us an email to support@cafesti.com informing us on how long you wish to pause your coffee deliveries and when do you wish them to be reinstated.

Your satisfaction is our priority and will offer you a few options in case you are not satisfied with the experience. Please visit our "Return Policy Page" for further details.

Cafesti Coffee, Ltd. owns the machine until the final payment has been processed after which the machine is yours. Congratulations!

Upon activation of your subscription and prior to delivery we would have conducted a PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection) and tuning of your Cafesti machine. Once delivered, unpack the machine, fill the water tank, load Cafesti beans in the hopper, plug your unit & enjoy your coffee. Your Cafesti concierge will also be available for an online teleconsultation should you need further assistance. 
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Yes, 12Kgs of Cafesti Beans are included in your subscription.

Depending on the plan you opted for, your delivery schedule is the following: For the Cafesti Friend & Barista subscriptions, your coffee delivery is on a monthly basis. For your Cafesti Espresso Bar plan your coffee delivery is on a bi-monthly basis.

Along with your Cafesti machine and depending on the subscription you opt for, the "Welcome Pack" will include 1kg of the Cafesti Espresso Bar beans, a pair of double walled thermo insulated cups, complimentary milk flask* & a complimentary cleaning kit.
*Applicable with the Cafesti Barista Sub only

To gift the Cafesti experience simply navigate to the Cafesti Gifting Page

Coffee Beans

We endeavor to source our green coffee from farms and operators that meet the Fairtrade, Bio Certification or Rainforest Alliance.

Yes, we are always working hard to offer you more options and our range includes a Signature, Bio, Rainforest and Decaf blends.

1kg of coffee beans will yield on average 100– 120 cups of coffee depending on the set up of your Cafesti unit.

Yes, absolutely your Cafesti machine will accommodate both Non decaf or decaf options simultaneously. Please click here (P19) to download the user manual for detailed instructions. Depending on your preferences, your Cafesti concierge will assist you in optimizing the set up for both options.

The Cafesti & Cafesti Plus Machines

Absolutely please visit our Store to order a Cafesti or Cafesti Plus unit

The Cafesti & the Cafesti Plus are a fully automatic one touch bean to cup coffee machine with the following key features:
One touch Espresso/Long coffee/Cappuccino* beverages with no need to move cup;
Patented brew unit system with auto-clean function;
Built-in milk frother* unit with auto-clean function, designed for making a soft, smooth and fragrant milk cream;
Intelligent PCBA control system with fault warning and information reminding function;
Accurate grinding system to ensure the coffee quality;
Adjustable height of coffee spout from 80mm to 115mm;
Coffee volume can be adjusted during coffee extraction;
Coffee and milk temperature* can be adjusted.
*Applicable For the Cafesti Plus only

Troubleshoot by referring to your user manual. If the issue persists, please schedule a virtual consultation with your concierge here. Once we identify the issue, the best course of action will be taken.

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For full details on the return policy please click here


Shipments are free for all deliveries in Canada.

Our standard delivery time ranges between 2-4 business days.