What is so special about Cafesti?
Your one-stop shop, from bean to cup.


Navigate to our subscriptions page, choose your preferred plan, register your personal details and activate your payment plan. Your package will be on its way!

Coffee machine subscriptions are 12months. Coffee bean subscriptions are minimum 3 months.

For coffee machine subscriptions, the first payment includes the first & last month installments.

While you are able to pause or defer your coffee bean deliveries, monthly payments cannot be paused or deferred.

Coffee machines may be returned within 7 days from the date of delivery. Please visit our "Return Policy Page" for further details.

Room Service Delivery, LLC. owns the machine until the final payment has been processed. After that, the machine is yours.

We will conduct a PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection) and tuning of your Cafesti machine. Once delivered, unpack the machine, fill the water tank, load Cafesti beans, plug your unit & enjoy your coffee.

Should you need further assistance, please schedule a Cafesti service call  here

Coffee beans are delivered on a monthly basis.

Along with your Cafesti machine and beans, you will be receiving complimentary double walled thermo insulated cups, milk accessories* & a complimentary cleaning kit

* Applicable to BARISTA & GRANDE subscriptions

Shipping & returns

For full details on the return policy, please click here

We offer free coffee machine delivery and setup for all our clients in Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman. For the rest of the UAE, a delivery & installation fee of Aed 250/- is applicable on all coffee machine purchases or subscriptions. 

Subscription-based Coffee bean delivery is free of charge for all clients. 

For coffee bean purchases only, a minimum order value of Aed 75/- is required for free delivery within Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman. For the rest of the UAE, a delivery fee of Aed 30/- applies on all coffee bean orders. 

Our standard delivery time ranges between 2-3 business days.

Coffee Beans

We endeavor to source our green coffee from farms and operators that meet the Fairtrade, Bio Certification or Rainforest Alliance.

On average, 1kg of coffee beans will yield 100–120 cups, depending on the set up of your machine.

Yes! your Cafesti machine will accommodate both regular and decaf options simultaneously. Please click here to download the user manual for detailed instructions (P19).


Cafesti coffee machines are fully automatic bean-to-cup machines with the following key features:

One touch espresso, long coffee, and cappuccino*
Patented brew unit system with auto-clean function
Built-in milk frother* unit with auto-clean function.
Intelligent PCBA control system with fault warning and information reminder function.
Accurate grinding system.
Adjustable height of coffee spout from 80mm to 115mm
Adjustable coffee volume, during extraction
Adjustable coffee and milk* temperature

*BARISTA and GRANDE models

For the Cafesti Barista Click here
For the Cafesti Grande click here

Please refer to our Youtube channel, or your user manual first. If the issue persists, schedule a service call here.